Fun facts about renewable energy that you did not know

We bet the first fact you know about renewable energy is either it is renewable, or it comes from nature. Reading this might feel like being in class all over again. However, we would like to assure you that it is not the same. In this article, we will be talking about interesting and fun facts yet important ones you should be aware of. With global warming and pollution on the rise, it is necessary that you know more about renewable energy.

  • In the past, wind energy was used for purposes like grinding grains or pumping water. It has been found that people from China and the Middle East used wind energy for these purposes back in 200 BC.
  • There are five main types of renewable energy. They are the wind, geothermal, solar, biofuel and hydro. All these types might not be found in each country. Each country will have some of these or all of these. It depends on the leaders and citizens on whether they use the renewable energy found in their region efficiently.
  • Did you know that planes can fly using solar energy? A plane in the United States of America flew without the use of any fuel during the 1990s. It used only solar energy to fly. This set a record in the book of world records.
  • Hydro energy or hydropower has been the most used form of renewable energy in the world. They have been extensively used for generating electricity.
  • Germany is one of the top countries when it comes to using solar energy and wind energy. It has been said that they have a huge number of solar plants. If you count them, they are even more than what other countries use.
  • Did you know that majority of the countries use renewable resources of energy to generate electricity? They can be used for other purposes too, but the majority has been used all over the world for producing electricity.
  • Energy can be stored and used later. It is a myth that renewable energy sources can only be used when they are available. For example, it has been believed that we can use solar energy only when the sun shines. This is not true. It can also be used at night because solar panels can store energy during the period when the sun shines.
  • It has been predicted by the Greenpeace organisation that by 2050, around 95% of our needs can be met by renewable energy resources. This means that it is not required for us to be dependent on non-renewable resources like many people think. We can function and live our lives even with renewable resources.
  • Did you know that one single wind turbine can provide and supply energy for around 1400 houses?
  • Did you know that renewable energy offers more jobs to people? It is a myth that if we shift from non-renewable to renewable sources of energy, there will be lesser jobs. Jobs related to renewable energy sources are also safer.

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