Solar water heater: Everything you should know about it

Solar water heaters are an extremely efficient means of using renewable energy resources. They can be used at home for domestic purposes and in large plants for various commercial purposes. Cheap solar water heaters can also be found in the market hence making it possible for people of all groups to access it. Solar water heaters use sunlight to heat water. This is much more efficient and less polluting than heating water using fossil fuels through gas or electricity.

Here are the pros or advantage of using solar water heater:

-Solar water heaters are more cost efficient and do not produce harmful gases. Solar water heaters are FREE. You only have to purchase the heaters. You don’t have to pay anyone for heating your water. On the other hand, you have to pay for fossil fuels to heat up your water.

  • Many solar water heaters have come up in the market. Therefore you will find great quality solar water heaters even at low prices.
  • Maintenance is easy and inexpensive.
  • The majority of the solar water heaters can serve you for around 20 years which is a long time. It can be a great investment to save money too.

We will also mention cons or disadvantages so that you get two sides of the coin and decide whether you would want to go for it:

  • Solar water heaters are like any other technology or machines which require regular checking to see if it works or not. On an average, people do maintenance checks annually.
  • You will need some required amount of space for installing solar water heaters.
  • Since it is dependent on the sun for energy, they might not be instrumental when weather conditions are bad. However, this does not mean it never works when the weather is bad or during night time. Solar water heaters have storage tanks which store energy when the sun shines. This means that you can use energy from it later too.
  • During constant bad weather conditions, you might have to find other ways of heating water.

South Africa, India, the United States of America and Australia are the leading countries to produce and manufacture the best solar water heaters in the world. If you are deciding on getting a solar heater and do not know how to go about it, the following points can help you. Here are some few tips on getting good solar heaters:

-The first thing you should be aware of before choosing a solar water heater is the different types available. Some solar water heaters are specifically for hotter regions, and some are for colder regions.

-Know an estimate of the amount of water you will need. If you are not sure of how many gallons you and your family will need, just multiply the number of people in your family with 18. The total will give you an estimate.

-Check the description, and features companies offer. You can search up on the reviews given by other customers. You can contact companies for more information about products and whether it will suit your house and region.

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