Various types of renewable energy sources

Renewable energy is important. Just as there are different types of non-renewable energy, there are also different types of renewable energy. You might keep hearing from others how important it is to use renewable energy, but the different types available might confuse you. Do not worry. In this article we will mention what the major types of renewable energy and go through the basic information of each one:

  • Solar energy:

In simple words, solar energy is the energy you can get from the sun. This is one of the most used forms of renewable energy all around the world. Solar energy has been widely used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. The main reason is that of its availability and simplicity. It is also cost effective. You can get solar panels at cheap rates and use it at home. Photovoltaics and solar thermal power are the two most used types. Germany is the leading country which has installed the most solar energy plants in the world. Solar energy can be stored and used late on too.

  • Wind energy:

Wind energy is utilised by installing wind turbines where the wind is available in good amounts. Wind energy has been widely used for generating electricity amongst many other purposes. In the world, Europe is extremely suitable for using wind energy. This is why a lot of European countries have installed wind turbines. In short, wind energy converts kinetic energy into mechanical energy. As a result, we can use it.

  • Geothermal energy:

Geothermal energy is the energy derived from the heat that is emitted below the earth. Some examples are volcanoes and hot springs. Two of its users are-

-To heat rooms or certain areas.

-To generate electricity.

Among the available renewable energy resources, geothermal energy is not found everywhere hence it is limited to certain regions. But in these regions, geothermal energy has proved to be a great and cost effective resource.

  • Biomass energy:

Biomass comprises of the remains or wastes of plants and animals. They can also be used to produce gases or fuels. These forms of matter do not produce carbon dioxide as other gases and fuels would. Biofuels and Biodiesels are two famous products of biomass. They can be extremely important because our current vehicles and machinery use petroleum and diesel to run. They emit a lot of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that destroy nature. Biomass energy can be a great replacement to prevent this.

  • Hydropower energy:

Hydropower or hydroelectric energy is the energy we get from the current or force of waters. It is majorly used for generating electricity through dams. Hydroelectric energy can also be harnessed without dams. Turbines are used to generate energy. According to the United States Geological Survey, this form of energy contributes t 20% of the world’s needs. China produces the largest amount of hydroelectricity in the world.

  • Tidal energy:

The energy harnessed from tides is called tidal energy. Tidal power plants are mostly used in countries where there are water bodies like seas and oceans

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