Why is renewable energy important?

There are over 7 billion human beings on this earth. The population size keeps increasing. The earth obviously needs much more resources to sustain the current increasing population. Our carbon footprint has increased a lot over the years. Resources keep depleting at a rate much higher, and we keep using it without realising that a lot of energy resources are not renewable. Hence renewable energy is very important for at least some sort of balance to exist. Here are other reasons why renewable energy is very important:

  • Lesser pollution:

Renewable energy comes from nature and is constantly supplied by nature. Some of its examples are wind, sun, and water.Compared to non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels, they produce less pollution and affect our natural environment lesser. Global warming has resulted because of the high amount of carbon dioxide humans keep releasing. Renewable energy resources will not affect our environment the way other energy resources do.

  • They are renewable and infinite:

They are called renewable energy for a reason. Renewable energy resources will never run out as long as we keep taking good care of our environment. The sun, water, the wind will never run out.

  • Cost effective:

Renewable energy is extremely cost effective. One only needs to spend money on setting up technologies for using this form of energy. On the other hand, non-renewable energy is expensive right from buying the area where it is available, to taking it out and using it. An international environmental organisation called Green Peace has revealed that according to its estimate, the earth could be saving more than 180 billion in a year if we only turned to using renewable energy resources. It speaks a lot for how much we are dependent on the finite nonrenewable resources when we should be using both in a balanced manner so that we don’t run out of non-renewable resources and reduce our destruction of the environment.

It is also much safer for labourers. With non-renewable energy, there is always the constant uncertainty of death because of the challenging working conditions and environment labourers work in.

  • Global warming:

Our carbon footprint and usage of non-renewable energy have resulted in global warming and climate change. This is a wakeup call for human beings all over the world. If we keep utilising non-renewable resources and not care about nature, this earth will no longer be a suitable place to live in. Realizing its potential threat, a lot of organisations and companies have switched to using renewable energy resources over the past few years. However, we still have to work towards this.

  • Better health and quality of the environment:

Usage of renewable energy resources can provide us a better quality of health and environment. With the current usage of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, it has contributed largely to global warming changing the climate and increasing pollution. This has affected the health of human beings and other living species along with the environment. Renewable energy will reduce this.

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